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Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

... a spirituality ministry of the Sisters of Mercy 

Mercy Spirituality Center, a spirituality and retreat ministry of the
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, New  York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West Community.

A quiet place ...

        is something one doesn't find often enough in today's world. Yet, it's vital to those seeking to deepen their awareness of God to explore Christian spirituality and to investigate their own lives. Mercy Spirituality Center is just that place. 

Nestled on a wooded acre near Highland Park in Rochester is the home of Mercy Spirituality Center , built in the early 1860s. Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy, the Spirituality  Center has a lovely chapel which can accommodate 30 to 40 people comfortably; 12 bedrooms, large living and dining rooms and a beautiful library.

The welcoming doors of Mercy Spirituality Center seek to provide a warmth of hospitality and a supportive environment of solitude for all who come. It is the perfect place to get away from TV, telephones and daily routines so one can encounter God.

In responding to God's presence, one finds a joy and peace that only solace can bring. Many say it's a gift to leave Mercy Spirituality Center rested and refreshed with a renewed strength for dealing with daily life and responsibilities.

Mercy Spirituality Center invites you to the soothing stillness of a place apart to see, hear, and feel the wonders of God's love. Accommodations can be arranged for stay of a few hours, overnight, or several days.

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